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You love having a puppy.

We brought him home on April 22.

We first met him on March 12, when he was a few weeks old.


Daddy has been lugging newspapers home for a few weeks.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a dog in the house. Mommy’s old dog Dexter passed away on Jan. 22.

You and Dexter.

You and Dexter. “Desher,” is what you called him. You won’t remember him, but he was Mommy’s dog, for years before Daddy and Mommy met. He was old and mostly set in his ways by the time you got here.

We want you to have your own puppy, so that you two can grow up together.

And now you have one.

You insisted on holding him as we drove home.


But now that he’s been home for a week, we still haven’t decided on his exact name.

We’re calling him Oshie. After a hockey player. A player you met at the beginning of the season.

T.J. Oshie signing the back of your jersey while mommy holds you.

T.J. Oshie signing the back of your jersey while mommy holds you.

And now, you and Oshie are best of friends, when he’s not biting you, and you’re not hitting him with stuff.




It’s been a busy first week with Oshie.

You met professional hockey players yesterday

We took you to a Washington Capitals practice yesterday.

You met a pretty lady who’s on television, Jill Sorenson,

Daddy met a much less pretty television man, Al Koken,


You met professional hockey players,

Alex Ovechkin,

Jay Beagle,

Matt Niskanen,

Mat N

Niskanen is trying to sign the back of your jersey, with you in it. You didn’t much like it, and you squirmed too much for him to sign it. (So that’s why the jersey doesn’t have his name on it.)

You also met Andre Burakovsky,


And T.J. Oshie. He played on the U.S. Olympic hockey team.


Oshie is signing the back of your jersey, while Mommy holds you.

You got very excited when you watched the players practice.

On my shoulders, you started patting my head and face, and leaned down to say, “dadee, dadee.” You were having such a good time, you wanted to let me know. And then I took this picture.

You also watched Mommy’s favorite player, Nicklas Bäckström.

Bäckström won a gold medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics.


Bäckström, Mommy, and you.

Daddy asked him to sign the punk he shot for his 140th career goal. (Mommy and Daddy bought it some months ago.)

“I have 140 goals?” Bäckström asked dryly as Daddy handed him the puck.


He also signed your jersey, with you in it. We tried to have him sign the front of the jersey, but you turned away.

“That’s ok,” Bäckström, said, “my daughter gets bashful, too.”

Backy on the Back

Your jersey being signed by the NHL 2015 assist leader.

You didn’t sleep much the night before, when we stayed in a hotel. You stayed up until nearly 2 a.m. and you were so excited, you work up around 4 a.m.

So, on the drive home, you were very tired.


Everyone was very tired.