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“No news, bad news, good news, I need to hear something.”

We’ve been in and out of contact with the birth family, and for the past few days it’s more out of contact than in contact.

“No news, bad news, good news, I need to hear something,” your mommy said today.

The whole situation is complicated . . . state social services complicated and emotionally complex complicated for the birth family.

It’s been a week since we’ve heard from the birth family. And any time there’s silence and no news . . . well, your imagination can start filling in the emptiness with the most complicated, scary, and probably wrong thoughts and ideas.

And as we wait for you, it’s complicated for us because we have so much emotionally invested in wanting you to come be with us, our whole lives are being reshaped as we prepare for you to be with us. (and as we pack to move to the new house.)

“Why are you writing what I say?” mommy asked as she poured over past text messages, searching for new information.

And in the absence of news . . . the tears come.

“Tell her we can’t wait for her to be with us. We love her. We need her here so we can take care of her.”


After reaching out to your birth family, we got an update today . . . and it turns out there’s no news . . . no progress with the state.

At all.

But we got several new photos of you. You’re growing. And you look great.

What a perfect little baby you are. We can’t wait to see for ourselves.