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Three months old

You turn three months-old today.

At your checkup last week, the doctor said you’re nearly perfect. You’re healthy and growing exactly as you should be. In fact, you’re so curious about the world around you, that you’re already starting to hold your head up and to move like a baby twice your age.

We’re still waiting for social services from your home state to contact our state.

It just so happens, you had the misfortune of being born in a state with one of the worst managed social services programs in the entire country.

When the paperwork finally comes to our state, and our locality, mommy and I will have all of our paperwork already done. We expect everything to be completed on our end in about another month. And then the paperwork returns to your home state, where it could drag on again for no one knows how long. And then, we may or may not have to go to court. There are a lot of ‘may or may nots,’ going on in your home state, no one seems to have any sorts of answers about anything, and the social workers are all surprisingly comfortable with not having answers.

And so we continue to wait.

Easter photos

Before she left you last week, mommy took you to get your picture taken wearing the Easter dress we got you.
Easter 3

What a wonderful baby you are . . . you don’t cry or fuss, you just watch what’s going on around you . . . until it’s time to eat or change a diaper. And even then, you just get squirmy and fussy, you hardly ever cry.

Yawning easter
Your mommy and I received the paperwork from our state while you were getting your picture taken – it won’t be difficult for us to do our part. But no formal request has come from your state yet.

The woman taking care of you called her state representative today, trying to get your social worker to make progress.

Sunday, mommy and I joined a new church, and told all the people there all about you, and asked them to pray for you and for the family taking care of you, and for your social worker and all the social services staff.

There are a lot of good people praying for you, all around the world. And they look forward to meeting you.
Easter dress

What a mess – Cont’d.

I e-mailed your social worker on Tuesday and then on Wednesday she replied, asking for the birth dates and Social Security numbers of mommy and me.

This is for background checks (mommy and I have both had them in the past). And it’s information that your social worker should have requested months ago.

The social worker ignored my question concerning a time-line and me asking her when we can expect things to happen.

And then, on Thursday, she wrote another e-mail. Here it is:

Hi Mr. ——–,
I just sent a text to (the man who’s taking care of you), would you happen to have ——-’s Social Security number? I need it for a few of the ICPC forms from the packet. Thank you so much.

Your social worker, the social worker charged with keeping you safe doesn’t have your Social Security number.

We assumed it would be on a form somewhere in the social worker’s file.

It turns out, because the state took control of you the hour you were born, no one ever applied for one – you don’t have a Social Security number. Your social worker for the past nine weeks didn’t know that you don’t have a Social Security number, and was asking me for it. I’m 800 miles away.

We’re exceptionally fortunate, through the grace of God, that the family taking care of you cares enough to follow the rules and take care of you.

I wonder about all the other baby girls and boys who don’t have a good family to take care of them. Who don’t have people looking out for them, and whose social workers don’t even know who they are.

What a mess.

“I hope we don’t lose her,” mommy said tonight.


What a mess.

The paperwork looked like it was really moving along last week, when we were with you.

This week, it appears very much like a social worker in your home state is basically lying about doing her job, and getting the paperwork ready.

Talking with a social worker today in our state, she said it could take three, or more likely six more weeks, and that’s after the paperwork finally arrives.

I wrote a strongly worded e-mail to your social worker today, and copied most of the other state officials involved with your case, trying to find out what’s going on. The paperwork was filed in court March 14 – nearly four weeks ago, and nothing has happened. Nothing.

We’re really worried that if it takes another month or two months for you to be with us, that the family taking care of you will decide that want to keep you. Of course they want to keep you, because you’re a loveable little girl with a wonderful disposition who seldom cries or fusses or complains. We’re worried they will find they can’t live without you. And then we’ll lose you.

What a mess.

Lawyers and social workers

You turn six weeks old tomorrow, and my, what a busy amount of business going on around you.

Lawyers and social workers were in court a few days ago, to talk about you and your birth mother.

Your birth mother isn’t able to take care of you, and that’s why we want to have you come be with us, so we can take care of you for the rest of our lives.

There are other court dates ahead of us, and paper work, and home studies, and background checks, but eventually, at the end of the court dates and all the lawyer meetings, you’ll come home with us.

Six weeks - and your special bib fits perfectly!

Six weeks . . . and your special bib fits perfectly!

Three weeks old

You turned three weeks old, today.

And you’re still far from us.

I spoke to your court-appointed social worker today.

It’s going to take at least another three weeks, or a month, or even two months. Although I’m hopeful that it won’t take two whole months.

There are several hearings that have to take place concerning your birth mother . . . we know in the end that you’ll be with us. This is our hope, and dream, and prayer, each and every day.

Your mommy’s friends gave her a baby shower today . . . a big party where they all brought you a lot of books and toys and clothes and diapers! and all the things you need . . . things you’ll need in the future, but things you need right now, we feel very sad that we can’t share all things with you, now.

many gifts for you from mommy's co-workers.

many gifts for you from mommy’s co-workers.