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You sounded like a dictionary falling off a table

You sounded like a dictionary falling off a table when you hit the floor with a thump this morning. You were sitting up, and then you were falling down.

After a moment of stunned silence, you cried.

And I picked you up, and held you, and you cried into my shoulder as I thought about the blog I posted not six hours earlier.

Throughout your whole life, when you cry, we will comfort you. And we will be strong for you, and try not to let you know that when you cry, we’re not only comforting you, but we’re crying with you, too. And we know the day will come, when we’ll be able to do nothing but just cry together.

Seven weeks ago tonight, we brought you home.

We’ve learned so much about each other . . . we can hear the difference between when you’re hungry, or wet, or tired. You’ve learned that you can melt our hearts with your toothless, chubby cheek smile and your laugh that fills a room.

It continues to boggle my mind to consider our great blessing to have you with us and to try to imagine the next 30 years of joy and happiness and tears and sadness and what a wonderful life we will have.

“Oh, bother.”

It’s been another up and down week.

I talked with a court clerk about the court documents that would get you moved to us. She said they were signed, and moving through the system! Yea! So I sent your mommy an e-mail, with the good news.

Could be a matter of weeks, and you could be with us! Also, there’s a hearing scheduled next week concerning your birth mother. We’re trying to get ‘custodial care,’ of you . . . meaning the state is still in charge, but we get to take care of you. At the same time, we’re also trying to adopt you, so your name will be the same as ours. The hearing next week might move things along faster.

And then, a few hours after talking with the court clerk, I spoke to your social worker, and she said the paperwork wasn’t signed, and that the hearing might be delayed and everything was confused.

“Oh, bother,” Pooh says. And that’s exactly what I thought.

“Oh, help!” said Pooh. “I’d better go back.”

“Oh, bother!” said Pooh. “I shall have to go on.”

“I can’t do either!” said Pooh. “Oh, help and bother!”
We’re stuck. We can’t go back, and can’t go on. We just have to wait.

So, while we wait, we’re moving into the new house tomorrow. We’ll set up your room, first thing.

And while we wait, we’ll visit you next week. We’re flying down to see you, and we can hardly wait.