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A perfect pi day

We had a wonderful day today, March 14, 2015.

3/14/15 –  pi day.

We attended the circus this morning.

pi shirts at the circus

(Notice our shirts — pi shirts)

You had a wonderful time at the circus.


After the circus, you and Mommy napped.

But you didn’t nap very long. You were really fussy before your nap and woke up fussy.

When I came to get you, you were messy.

The messiest, dirtiest diaper I’ve ever seen.

Every part of you covered by a diaper was befouled.

You giggled as I pulled your legs up higher. When I removed the diaper, I saw your whole back was dirty.

Daddy has heard stories about these sorts of moments. I thought I had seen dirty, full diapers. The first weekend we brought you home, Daddy changed a full, dirty diaper by himself, all the while thinking, “this is what it means to be a father.”

But today was like four messy diapers, all in one diaper. But not in one diaper. In one diaper, until it was too full, and then oozed out. Everywhere. And you just giggled and twisted and tried to kick your legs free from where daddy was holding them up.

Daddy loves you so much.

Baby poop. All over.

So I just kept lifting your legs, and put a hand under your head, and carried you to the bathtub, while you giggled some more.

In the tub, I washed you down and cleaned you up. And then you played.

pi bath

you really are a wonderful baby.

A perfect 3.14 day.