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Final judgement paperwork

I wrote this in my head a few days ago while giving you a bath.
It’s just taken me several days to write it down.

The final hearing was December 22. And on January 6, my birthday, the lawyer mailed the court documents.

The paperwork arrived a few days ago.

We knew what the final judgment would say – You’re our daughter, we are your parents. The rights of your birth parents have been dissolved by the court. (We’ll tell you more about your birth family when the time comes.)

We knew all of this was in the judgment.

But we were surprised by this sentence:

This adoption decree creates a relationship between the adoptee and Petitioners and all relatives of Petitioners that would have existed if the adoptee were a blood descendant of the Petitioners born within wedlock, entitled to all rights and privileges thereof, and subject to all obligations of a child born to Petitioners herein.

This means you’re our little girl.