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Four months old today

I had a long talk with your birth mother today.

It’s been a hard four months for all of us, four months ago today, she gave birth to you. She wishes she could keep you with her, and she wishes she could have signed you over to us four months ago, when the transition would have been faster and quicker. It’s been hard for her to see you these months, knowing she can’t take care of you and that you would one day go away.

It makes me sad to see how sad she is to have to let you go. With tears on her face, she knelt down and said goodbye.

She knows she can’t take care of you and that mommy and I will give you a much better life than you would have otherwise.

I thanked her for entrusting us with her baby and for the sacrifice she’s making for you.

Out of tremendous sadness will come boundless joy.

Mommy and I will love you twice as much, for her and for us.