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your first St. Patrick’s Day

We mailed presents to you yesterday.

Gift 1


First St Patty's Day

We sent you tiny little clothes and a bib for your “1st St. Patrick’s Day.” St. Patrick’s Day is next week, and we now know we won’t be with you on your first St. Patrick’s Day.

We’ve already bought you a whole lot of things . . . and your mommy’s friends have given you things.

You’re five weeks old tomorrow, and you’re growing, so you need to have the new clothes, and the right sizes, with you now.

We also gave you a cute little rattle for you to hold in your cute little hand. We have clothes for you for the next six months, and even a pretty dress for you at Christmas time, when you go meet Santa. We don’t know when you’ll get here, but we’re ready for you.