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After your nap this afternoon

Carrying you down the stairs after your nap this afternoon, my mind began to wander.

With each step we walked down, I imagined the times you’ll come down the stairs in the future.

I thought of the first time you’ll walk down the stairs yourself.

I thought of the first time you’ll sneak down early, to see what Santa leaves you. And the first time you’ll look for Easter eggs before mommy and daddy wake up.

I imagined you walking down, dressed for your first day of school.

I thought of you walking down the stairs in your prom dress, and pausing for us to take pictures.

I imagined you waking down the stairs on your way to your high school graduation. And then your college graduation.

I imagined you walking down those stairs a final time before you move away.

And then I thought of you walking down those stairs, on your way to get married.

Then we reached the bottom of the stairs, and I carried you into the living room and put you down on the floor for you to play with your toys again.