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18 months-old today

You’re 18 months-old today.

Here’s an update of the past month.

“Don’t eat off the floor, please,” Mommy said. “The dog licks there.”

July 7

We went to Busch Gardens.You met Elmo.cropped_n

And you rode rides.

July 14

The new doctor says he’s heard the word “lethargic” thousands of times, but our description of you was one of the few times he’s heard it correctly.


It was a just a cold and a little fever.

July 15

You pooped 10 minutes after I put a clean diaper on you. And 12 minutes after I got you out of the bathtub.

Sometimes you point and smile and I point and smile back. Other times, I point and smile, and you point and smile back. You fill Mommy and Daddy with love, because your little heart is overflowing with love.

You also love lo mein.

July 17

You like to help daddy clean the pool.


July 18

Our first trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and the butterflies.



Looking at the fairy gardens.

Looking at the fairy gardens.


July 20

Dropping you off at daycare was really hard.

You walked in by yourself just fine until we got to the door of the room, and then you started crying. All the other kids were sitting around eating pears. You cried and went to one of the attendants, which is good. So I left.

I blew you a kiss and that didn’t help at all. Your crying face is etched into daddy’s soul.

I took your lunch to the kitchen went back and looked in the window. You were sitting at the table with pears in front of you, crying. You were so sad. They said this happens on Mondays.

July 23

Your first corn on the cob.


Yesterday morning

Evidently, when I say, “let’s get you dressed,” you hear, “run away from Daddy as fast as you can.”

This morning

You have had congestion and a runny nose for a few weeks. This morning, you suddenly got blotches. Red blotches larger than a quarter all over your body.

As Daddy writes this, you and Mommy are at the doctor to see what’s going on.

New day care

We took you to a new day care last week.

photo 3

New day care, June 16, 2015.

photo 1

First day at your new day care, June 16, 2015.

You immediately got along well with the other children and the teachers in the room.

In fact, you love just about everyone, and often walk up and hug strangers.

At a festival this past weekend, you got so excited listening to the live music that you had to walk over and hug a few women.

Yesterday in church, you were passed from person to person, as they took turns holding you and getting hugged.

I believe your soul is still so young and new and pure, that it sees the pureness in the souls of others. The goodness in your soul is attracted to the goodness in other souls.

Your happy soul shines on your face.

You are as joyful and unconditionally loving as the God who created you.


On our way to daycare last week, you were in the back seat, making your talking sounds.

And I was thinking.

One of your cousins will graduate from high school in a few months.

She has a good friend that she’s known almost her entire life. They first met in daycare when they were less than three years-old. They’ve attended different high schools, but they are still close friends.

There is one other little girl at your daycare. She’s a few months older than you are.

Will you still be friends with her when you’re reading this?

You’ll learn as you get older that as you get older it becomes more difficult to make good, close friends.

People with lifelong friends that they see regularly are the unusual exception, not the rule.

Today, you’re a little baby, working hard at learning to walk.

The day will come when you’ll work just as hard at having friends. I suspect friendships will come easy for you. You’re already outgoing and engaging and likeable. But you’ll learn one day that the reasons some people like you may be the same reasons other people won’t like you.

We can’t change how people think about us. The only thing we can change is ourselves. But don’t change who you are for the sake of a friendship, friends won’t want you to do that. Be who you are, accept others for who they are, and you’ll be just fine.

“Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried,
Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel;
But do not dull thy palm with entertainment
Of each new-hatch’d, unfledg’d comrade.” — Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

Poor baby (daycare update)

You went to daycare Friday.

You crawled right up to a little boy and started playing, but Mommy and daddy were sad to leave you, and daddy spent hours writing down his thoughts and feelings about you in daycare.

In the early evening Saturday, you started vomiting. You vomited all night.

Mommy and daddy took turns holding you, while you tried to sleep, before you’d vomit some more.

Sunday morning, you woke up really early and had part of a bottle. A few hours later, you woke up and vomited again, all over daddy. You’ve spent nearly all day sleeping in your mommy’s arms, exhausted.

Sick baby

Sick baby

Before I could finish writing this and post it today, you vomited all over daddy again.

My thoughts and feelings about daycare are pretty obvious.

resting with daddy

resting with daddy