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Show business part 2

We deposited your check today that you received for your work on the commercial.

Daddy took you into the bank to make the deposit, because the check was made out to you, and I didn’t know exactly how to deposit it.

So they told me to write on the back

your name (minor) and below that, Daddy’s name, (father).

I’m so pleased to be your Daddy (father).

You insisted on wearing your sunglasses into the bank. Which was only fitting, since you deposited the money from your show business job.

We deposited some of it for your college savings plan, and we cashed some of it, for you to have to spend.

Money 1



Daddy just signed you up for a college savings account.

Your check from your television commercial will go in here.

When I signed up, it said:

First Payout Date: August 01, 2032

Daddy will be 65 years-old.

Your old man is an old man.

I hope you remember Daddy from when he was younger. At least younger than that. Perhaps this blog will help you to remember.