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Church nursery

Things didn’t go well this morning when we took you to the church nursery for the first time.

Mommy checked you in, and the crying started just a few minutes later.

You were just fine – but daddy couldn’t bear to let you go. You started playing the second mommy put you down. Daddy started getting teary-eyed as soon as you were out of sight. Daddy only lasted about three minutes before we had to go get you.

We waited nearly a year to have you with us, and although you turned seven months old yesterday, after being with us for just three months and a week; I can’t yet stand to let you go.

So, you came back to the sanctuary with us, and after we welcomed home our pastor (who has been on sabbatical for as long as you’ve been with us), I took you back down to the nursery. And stayed there.

I watched from the ‘guest area’ in the baby nursery as you played with toys and crawled around, and repeatedly tried to gum the face of a five month-old. After a half hour, I left you in the nursery and returned to the sanctuary for communion. After communion, I went back down to the nursery to get you as the service ended.

Mommy has worked in a church nursery, and she knows that it’s best for you, and for the nursery workers, for you to be in the nursery as young as possible, so that you get used to it. I guess you’ll get used to it a lot sooner than I will.