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Tonight was the first time this month you’ve had your bottle at bedtime and have been able to breath.

For the whole month, you’ve taken a few swallows, paused for breath like a swimmer, and then swallowed some more.

You’re also able to keep your mouth closed and breath through your nose when we’re trying to give you your medicine. And then you spit the medicine back out.

So, you’re finally turning the corner and getting over your first illness.

You’re back to your usually happy self. We’re glad you’re feeling better.

This morning

This morning, at 4:45, after I changed your diaper, and fed you a bottle. After I played with you on the couch and you crawled all over me with more energy than any person should have at 4 a.m. After I put you in your sleepy chair to try to get you to sleep and you would have none of it. After I took you to your room and rocked you in the rocking chair and changed your diaper again.

I thought to myself,

“This is exactly where I want to be.”