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A month of magical days

We brought you home 31 days ago . . . a month ago. A month of magical days.

Having you here has been more wonderful than words.

In many ways, it’s like you were here all along. You’ve folded into our lives like wet ingredients fold into the dry ingredients of a recipe. We took you with us to see Carlene Carter and John Prine. We’ve taken you to see your grandparents and your aunts and uncles and cousins. We took you to your own baby shower, hosted by mommy’s old friends and family.

We are our own family now, even more so than when it was just mommy and daddy. Because now we have you, for us to be a mommy and daddy to.

Our love for you is deeper and wider and stronger that we ever would have imagined or could hope to describe.

Mommy and Daddy were so in love, and so happy, until you came along . . . and now the love in our home is filled with the sounds of your laughter and giggles.

Every day is filled with happiness and joy and your toothless smiles.

And we can’t wait to see you again tomorrow.