I was born in 1967. In 2067, you’ll be 53.

I was born in 1967.

In 2067, you’ll be 53. I most certainly won’t live to be 100 and see you turn 53 a month later.

I’m 53. You are six years-old.

On the 100th anniversary of my birth, you’ll be the age I am now.

I hope you remember me well.

Remember me with fondness.

I hope you always remember how much you are loved.

I pray that you read this the first time, and think back on many good memories of the love you feel from me. I pray you read this for the 100th time, and remember a lifetime of love and happiness. That you remember how important you were to me.

You were my heart, baby girl. I hope you know that.

You’re six today, and I’ve already asked you several times in your life, “do you feel loved?”

It’s important to me that you know how loved you are, just for being you.

‘liar, liar, parts of fire.’

“Some people say, ‘liar, liar, parts of fire.’ and that’s not nice.”

“What do they say?”

“‘Liar, liar, parts of fire.’ That’s mean.”

“Did someone say that to you?”

“Yes! and I wasn’t even lying.”

“It’s not very nice.”

“It’s mean.”

“It’s actually, ‘liar, liar, pants on fire.’”

“Ahhh. It’s not nice.”

“No, it’s not nice. Sometimes it’s better to not listen to people when they say mean things. People say a lot of things in a day, and sometimes they say things that aren’t nice. It’s better to just move past those things, and move on with your day. Let those mean things be about the person who says it, and not about you.”

“Daddy, will you hold my hair.”

As I picked you up from school today, you said, “Daddy, will you hold my hair while I get a drink,” as you stepped up to the water fountain.

I can’t express how much I love you. But I tried.

Walking to the car, you took my hand, and I said, “I like the person you are. I’m very proud of you.”

I hope you understand that.

Big Strong Girl

Most nights when I put you to bed … “put me a bed,” you say, just as you’re falling asleep, I tell you how much you are loved. Sometimes I say,

“You’re a big, strong girl.”

Tonight you replied,

“You’re a big strong man.”

Thank you, big strong girl.

A joke

“Daddy do you want to hear a joke?”


“How did the rooster get in the tree without flying?”

“I don’t know, how did the rooster get in the tree without flying?”

“A hamburger.”