Monthly Archives: May 2020

May 16, 2020

You helped me clean up the car.

I’ve delayed doing it for months, because I wanted us to clean it out together.

I also brought a 25 year-old picture of David Letterman.IMG_4157

“Put your hand up like that, again,” you said. Then you took this photo.IMG_4159


May 4, 2020

You showed me your bike riding. You’re getting to be really good, and I continue to boost your confidence by not giving voice to the terror I feel every time you bike past the curb, nearly hitting it.IMG_4008

Then we played basketball, with a basketball you found.IMG_4013

Then you did this.


Then you went on a nature hike with binoculars I brought.

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Then we played on the playground. And you posed for a photo.IMG_4045

I love the person you are. I love you just because you’re you.