Monthly Archives: October 2017

“I didn’t give you a hard time!”

“I didn’t give you a hard time!” you said, your face aglow with excitement.

We sometimes have trouble getting going in the morning… you change clothes three or four times, nothing is appealing for breakfast, you won’t let me brush your hair.

Other days, you eat just fine, you dress yourself, and you still don’t let me brush your hair.

This morning was an easy day. You only changed clothes twice and the outfit was weather appropriate. You got your shoes and socks on and you were standing by the door as I got my car keys.

“I didn’t give you a hard time!”

Iced tea

“Where is your tea,” you ask as we are walking out the door to go to daycare.

Usually I take a glass of ice tea with me in the mornings, and you noticed I didn’t have it this morning.

“It went bad,” I said.

“It sat out all day,” you replied.

It’s good at such a young age that you learn the importance of putting things in the refrigerator.

Folk Festival

“He talks in French,” you said as we passed a group of people.

“Actually it was hindi.”

“What’s Hindi?”

“That’s the language he was speaking, I believe. Some people speak French, you and I are speaking English, that man was speaking Hindi. There are lots and lots of languages.”

And then we talked a long time about languages, and how different people speak different languages.

Daddy enjoys spending time with you, when it’s just the two of us.

“Why did I fall down?”

“Why did I fall down?”

We were leaving for daycare when Daddy turned to lock the door and you walked down the steps.

But you didn’t walk, your feet slipped out from beneath you and you ended up sitting on the step.

“Why did I fall down?” you asked, mildly curious and not the least bit afraid or concerned.

“Because there was rain on it. Rain makes things wet and slick,” Daddy said.

You nodded acknowledgments and walked to the car.