Monthly Archives: July 2017

Level Four

You advanced to the next level at swim class tonight. From three to four. 

Coach Liz warned us that you may be in level four for more than a year as you learn to focus and mature.

We’re glad to get you away from the little boy you play with during class. 

That is, when you aren’t diving under the water on your own. 

You’re a great swimmer…

But you get distracted easily and when it’s not your turn. You stand on the ledge and dive under the water. You can easily spend half your time under water. Or not paying attention. 


You’ve gotten to be so good at swimming because Mommy and Daddy work with you in the pool. 

You also practice in the bathtub. 

Daddy sympathizes deeply when you’re distracted, I too, can get distracted. 

So now you move up a level and you’ll start learning more about swimming. 

The day will come when you’re a better swimmer than Daddy or Mommy. That day isn’t today, so when you’re in the pool alone, you’ll keep wearing your swimmies. 


Oshie twitches, moans and growls in his sleep. Struggling in his dreams to escape a little girl chasing him with a stick, a magic wand, a metal box, a pillow, and everything else you swing at him.

Or perhaps he’s dreaming you’re grabbing him by the ears, and pulling, which you do too often.

Maybe he’s trying to get away from you as you chase him with your grocery cart or a stool.

But he clearly  loves you … and you love him.

Crescent Hill

Daddy’s mom played on these stones when she was a girl. Daddy played on these stones when he was a boy. Today, you played on them, too.

One of Daddy’s oldest memories is playing on these stones when I was a little older than you are now.