Bedroom dress

After your bath, Mommy got you into your jammies, and a dress. Evidently you wanted to wear a dress. Daddy didn’t bring you your milk fast enough, so you came downstairs.

“Did she get enough to E – A – T?” Daddy asked Mommy.

“I want mac and cheese,” you said, evidently knowing how to spell at least one word.

There wasn’t any made, so Daddy convinced you to eat the pear we started for breakfast.

(You’re 2.7 years old, and this morning you got out of your jammies by yourself. While Daddy went to get diaper cream, you pulled your pull-ups on yourself, and then got your shirt and shorts on yourself.)

This morning, Daddy made you a good breakfast —


But you ended up with chocolate doughnut on your face:


So, tonight, Daddy suggested the pear.


You in your bedtime dress.

You ate 3/4 of the pear. And then a few strawberries.



This was after you sat down on the couch with Oshie and declared you wanted to watch baseball, which Daddy had on because you were upstairs.


After the strawberries, you had some cheddar bunnies. Daddy took you upstairs and tried to get you to rock in the rocking chair, but you decided, “I want Mommy to put me to bed.”

A little later, as it stormed outside, Daddy heard you through the baby monitor, singing,

“wain, wain, go away,
come again enother day.”

“wain, wain, go away,
come again enother day.”

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