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Show business part 2

We deposited your check today that you received for your work on the commercial.

Daddy took you into the bank to make the deposit, because the check was made out to you, and I didn’t know exactly how to deposit it.

So they told me to write on the back

your name (minor) and below that, Daddy’s name, (father).

I’m so pleased to be your Daddy (father).

You insisted on wearing your sunglasses into the bank. Which was only fitting, since you deposited the money from your show business job.

We deposited some of it for your college savings plan, and we cashed some of it, for you to have to spend.

Money 1



Daddy just signed you up for a college savings account.

Your check from your television commercial will go in here.

When I signed up, it said:

First Payout Date: August 01, 2032

Daddy will be 65 years-old.

Your old man is an old man.

I hope you remember Daddy from when he was younger. At least younger than that. Perhaps this blog will help you to remember.



The cat was asleep when you decided you needed to play with her.

Breakfast was over, Daddy was getting your lunch ready and you were drawing on your chalkboard when you said, “cat sweeping,” And then you jumped up and ran out of the room.

Mommy said you stared at the cat before Daddy came down stairs, so you obviously were thinking about it.

You found the cat sweeping under a table.

“Cat,” you said to her as you got down close to wake her and talk to her.


As daddy kept working in the kitchen, the cat walked through the kitchen and up the stairs. Moments later you came scurrying behind her.


You two did something up there for several minutes. I could hear you yelling “cat” and laughing.

She doesn’t have her front claws, so I’m not worried about you getting scratched. But she will bite.

On the other hand you’re big enough to take care of yourself when it comes to a little cat. So I feel you’re equally matched.

“Cat,” I hear you say, as she skips down the stairs.

Moments later you come sliding down on your bottom, step by step.

You go back into the dining room, where you try to read her a book, holding it up, for her to see the pictures.


Daddy got the cat on Sept. 1, 2004, when a tropical storm hit the city, and the wild cat I’d been feeding on the front porch decided it wanted to come inside.

So, the cat has always had a wild side. And it really didn’t want to play with you.



As the cat has gotten sicker, she’s not been able to move very easily. Which has made it easier for you to pet her.


And it’s gotten easier for you to share your toys with her.


Sesame Street has taught you to expect cats and dogs and monsters and food and everything else to talk to you. So when you say “Hi, cat,” with a wave, or talk to dogs and other animals, it’s as though you’re expecting them to talk back.

This is part of the reason you’re enjoying the new dog. You talk to him and wait for an answer.

We only had the new puppy for a few days, when the cat passed away. You and Mommy were away when it happened, so the cat was gone when you returned home. You won’t remember it, of course, but you actually had the opportunity to say goodbye, “bye, cat,” you said, waving goodbye when you and Mommy left the house. “Bye, cat.”



You love having a puppy.

We brought him home on April 22.

We first met him on March 12, when he was a few weeks old.


Daddy has been lugging newspapers home for a few weeks.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a dog in the house. Mommy’s old dog Dexter passed away on Jan. 22.

You and Dexter.

You and Dexter. “Desher,” is what you called him. You won’t remember him, but he was Mommy’s dog, for years before Daddy and Mommy met. He was old and mostly set in his ways by the time you got here.

We want you to have your own puppy, so that you two can grow up together.

And now you have one.

You insisted on holding him as we drove home.


But now that he’s been home for a week, we still haven’t decided on his exact name.

We’re calling him Oshie. After a hockey player. A player you met at the beginning of the season.

T.J. Oshie signing the back of your jersey while mommy holds you.

T.J. Oshie signing the back of your jersey while mommy holds you.

And now, you and Oshie are best of friends, when he’s not biting you, and you’re not hitting him with stuff.




It’s been a busy first week with Oshie.