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The Virginia Gentleman

“I’m not going to inscribe it. If you want to sell it later it will be more valuable with just my signature,”

he said, his pen poised over the 48 year-old first edition of his first novel, Fifty Roads to Town.

Best known for creating the series The Waltons, Earl Hamner recently passed away.

Like The Waltons, Mommy’s ancestors go back generations into the mountains of Virginia.

Daddy also got signed a few of Earl Hamner’s more recent books, and a Waltons board game.

While i waiting in line, two of Hamner’s sisters talked with me about the board game. They reminisced about the cast members on the box, and said when the game was released everyone in the family received a copy.

This is the story behind some of Daddy’s autographed books. Provenance, is what it’s called.

So one day, when you hold a nearly 100 year-old book and wonder why it just has his name signed, now you know.

Tee day boo

“Tee day boo.”


You were laying in bed, and Daddy was laying on the pillow beside you. You talk your way into sleeping.

Sometimes you run down the list of everyone and everything that’s sleeping.

“Animals sweeping.” That began after we went to the animal section of a local park. Since then, we hear it every night.

“Mommy sweeping.”

“Cameron sweeping.”

“Hudson sweeping.”

“Yani sweeping.”

(All classmates at daycare.)



You like to alternate between drinking your almond milk and water . . . it helps you to not fall asleep.

And then came the new one the other night, and again tonight.

“Tee day boo.”

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“Tee day boo?”


“Tee day boo. Tee day boo.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what that is.”

“Tee day boo. I get it.”

“Please do,” I said, wanting to see what it was.

You rolled out of bed, and crawled over and with a giggle, grabbed a big teddy bear.

“Tee day boo.”

“Teddy bear,” Daddy said.

“Tee day boo.”