Monthly Archives: March 2016

Show business

We woke up early.

Daddy carried you from your room down to the car wrapped in a blanket and still in your jammies.

“Lights,” you said in a clear voice, when the dome light came on. It was 6:15 in the morning and still dark.

You didn’t sleep at all while we drove for more than two hours.

The evening before, the casting agent and the client selected you for the job.

We got to the store in plenty of time, and the director selected your wardrobe while we waited in the car, out of the cold air.

We went inside to change your diaper and change your clothes.

I also wanted you to get comfortable with the actors playing your parents. But you’re so friendly, that wasn’t an issue.

Video productions have a lot of waiting around but you were great.

You were patient and pretty and perfect on camera. You were interested in everything around you and engaged with everyone.


A wide shot with your pretend mommy. You’re on the left, the camera and director on the right.


Setting up a close up.


Your close up.


You’re in the distance walking into a very wide shot. The camera and dolly cost thousands and thousands of dollars. The production costs were absolutely amazing . . . but you weren’t intimidated at all.


Everyone looks sad, because they can’t afford groceries.

You were wrapped (that means you were done and were released to leave) at 11:10 a.m. and by 11:25, nearly before we could get out of the parking lot, you were asleep.


Now you’re a professional actress. We expect this to only be the beginning.

While we don’t agree with the politics of the organization that hired you, your pay was a good start on a savings account.

Here’s the final result: