Mimi’s house

In the past week, you’ve developed a curious habit.

You say “dog.”

And then with a short, sharp, nod of your head, you say “woof.”

Perhaps this comes from visiting with Mimi’s dog.

Mimi's dog

Perhaps it’s something you’ve seen on Sesame Street.

I know as you’ve watched more Sesame Street, or perhaps because you’ve grown older, you interact with your environment differently.

For example, you wave at the cat, and say, “hi,” in a friendly way as though you expect a response.

This week, you followed the dog around with an empty bowl, saying, “eat, eat.”

Were you offering Dexter something to eat? Or were you asking him for something to eat?

When daddy said he was making waffles, and you said “waffle, waffle” to the dog, were you hoping he would join you for breakfast? Or were you just bragging?

You’ve learned a lot of the sounds that animals make — you can’t say the animal names, but you can “meow,” “moo,” “quack,” and “roar.”  And of course, “woof.”

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