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18 months-old, part two

You have hives.

According to the doctor yesterday morning, since you’ve had a cold for several weeks, it’s not unusual to get hives.

Big, red, uncomfortable looking splotches all over your body.

Daddy tries to take at least one photo of you every day. But not today. You look too miserable. But you didn’t act miserable.

You didn’t wear a shirt for part of the day, and you had a really light top on the rest of the day.

And then Mommy started giving you BENADRYL®  and that has helped.

You were awake around 3 this morning coughing, which you do every few nights for nearly a month, because of your runny nose. We gave you some cough medicine, and a half hour later, more BENADRYL® and you slept the rest of the night.

You ate bowl after bowl of cereal this morning. So you have a good appetite.

Despite eating a lot, all day, you’ve only gained less than two pounds in the past four months.

You’re getting longer, but not much heavier.

18 months-old today

You’re 18 months-old today.

Here’s an update of the past month.

“Don’t eat off the floor, please,” Mommy said. “The dog licks there.”

July 7

We went to Busch Gardens.You met Elmo.cropped_n

And you rode rides.

July 14

The new doctor says he’s heard the word “lethargic” thousands of times, but our description of you was one of the few times he’s heard it correctly.


It was a just a cold and a little fever.

July 15

You pooped 10 minutes after I put a clean diaper on you. And 12 minutes after I got you out of the bathtub.

Sometimes you point and smile and I point and smile back. Other times, I point and smile, and you point and smile back. You fill Mommy and Daddy with love, because your little heart is overflowing with love.

You also love lo mein.

July 17

You like to help daddy clean the pool.


July 18

Our first trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and the butterflies.



Looking at the fairy gardens.

Looking at the fairy gardens.


July 20

Dropping you off at daycare was really hard.

You walked in by yourself just fine until we got to the door of the room, and then you started crying. All the other kids were sitting around eating pears. You cried and went to one of the attendants, which is good. So I left.

I blew you a kiss and that didn’t help at all. Your crying face is etched into daddy’s soul.

I took your lunch to the kitchen went back and looked in the window. You were sitting at the table with pears in front of you, crying. You were so sad. They said this happens on Mondays.

July 23

Your first corn on the cob.


Yesterday morning

Evidently, when I say, “let’s get you dressed,” you hear, “run away from Daddy as fast as you can.”

This morning

You have had congestion and a runny nose for a few weeks. This morning, you suddenly got blotches. Red blotches larger than a quarter all over your body.

As Daddy writes this, you and Mommy are at the doctor to see what’s going on.