New day care

We took you to a new day care last week.

photo 3

New day care, June 16, 2015.

photo 1

First day at your new day care, June 16, 2015.

You immediately got along well with the other children and the teachers in the room.

In fact, you love just about everyone, and often walk up and hug strangers.

At a festival this past weekend, you got so excited listening to the live music that you had to walk over and hug a few women.

Yesterday in church, you were passed from person to person, as they took turns holding you and getting hugged.

I believe your soul is still so young and new and pure, that it sees the pureness in the souls of others. The goodness in your soul is attracted to the goodness in other souls.

Your happy soul shines on your face.

You are as joyful and unconditionally loving as the God who created you.

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