16 months-old

On June 6, you turned 16 months-old.

Your cousin graduated from high school that day, too.

You and your cousin, June 6, 2015.

I often look at photos of you from the past. I have on my phone pictures of every stage of your life. From the week you were born through today. (The pictures are backed-up on the computer. I like keeping them on my phone so I can look at them.)

You look today like you did In some of your very first photos, when you were four months old.

May 28, 2014.

May 28, 2014.

May 23, 2014

It’s amazing how your personality was developing very early to who you are today.

six months

six months-old.

Sometimes i see on your face different expressions, and I imagine who’ll become.

I see the person you are, and think of who you’ll be.

Will you remain curious and engaged as you grow , or will the occasional flashes of bashfulness continue until you become an introvert?

Will you always be as rough and tumble as you are now?

You often fall down, don’t cry, and instead get up and keep going.

You end up with bruises and scratches and we don’t even know how they got there. Your little legs are speckled with little bruises and you don’t seem to mind.

You’ll probably always be on the small end of the spectrum. At 16 months-old, you weigh only 18 pounds. You haven’t gained any weight in the past three months, since your last checkup at the doctor.

And yet, you eat a lot. A lot.

You can put away an entire banana in one sitting, and then keep eating. You have two breakfasts and two dinners every day. And when you get down from your highchair after a meal, you keep eating if we put the food in your mouth, baby bird style.

You’re not gaining weight, but you are growing taller. And longer. And you’re very strong. What you couldn’t reach yesterday, you reach today. And since you don’t seem to be afraid of getting hurt, you just pull and climb up onto everything you can.

As the days go by, you’re growing older and taller, just not heavier.


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