13 months

As you turn 13 months-old today, heres an update of your daily life.

You wake up in the morning and for around a half an hour you talk to your bunny, the carved wooden birds on your wall, your special pink blanket and yourself. Daddy gets you up and changes you, because weekdays Mommy is already at work.

Then, you and daddy have breakfast. You drink baby food from the feeder and eat fruit, cheese or waffle with your hands.

Your third tooth is slowly, slowwwwly,

sloooooooowly growing out of your gum.

Its been that way for several days, which appears to make it difficult for you to eat.

In fact, you were eating with the spoon pretty regularly when Mommy fed you, until your two bottom teeth came in a few months ago, and that was it for the spoon. Now, you shove your whole little fist into your mouth, past your two front bottom teeth, when you’re eating a slice of banana or pear, or as you did tonight for the first time, a slice of cooked carrot.

Within this past week, youve walked from a few steps to as many as 20, nearly across the room. As you walk, you laugh and laugh until you and sound like you might hyperventilate. You also laugh with pure joy when youre pushing your little baby stroller around and around.

Each day of your life is like joyfully watching a seedling sprout and grow, the changes are so pronounced.

Yesterday, after work, as I got out of the car, Mommy had just gotten you up from your nap. From outside, I waved to you in your room, and you and Mommy beamed huge smiles.

This was one of the happiest moments in my life, second only to the day I married Mommy.

Mommy and Daddy are happy you’re in our lives. We’re so pleased you turn 13 months today.

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