Intercessory prayer

This morning, Daddy was praying for you — praying for a difficult time you will face in the future, and may have faced by the time you read this — and I thought about something Mommy said last night.

During the dinner blessing, Mommy prayed that the Lord would help us with a decision for you. Both the dinner prayer and the breakfast prayer are called intercessory prayers.

We are asking God to intercede for you.

At dinner, Mommy said “you don’t believe God answers prayers like that.”

“Yes, I do,” I said. “I believe God answers prayers.”

Just as Mommy and Daddy can intercede on your behalf, I believe God can intercede on our behalf.

Daddy and Mommy at church, while everyone at church prayed for you.

Daddy and Mommy at church, praying while everyone at church prayed for you.

I believe as we are part of our world, so too is God part of the natural world that God created. The Creator who crafted the heavens and Earth also created the laws of nature. I think it’s only during exceptional circumstances that the Creator suspends those natural laws. When people awaken from comas, survive devastating natural disasters or survive plane crashes that claim everyone else on board, I believe it’s probably God who intervened and helped them to survive.

I believe the Lord can hear the prayers of Mommy and Daddy and that God helps us to help you. I’m sure that our lives are better because of God working in our lives.

Where my belief is different from some Christians is my response to seemingly unanswered prayers. I’m comfortable not knowing why intercessory  prayer appears to go unanswered.

When it appears that God doesn’t respond to our prayers, when things don’t go as we hope and pray, I’m not willing to blame God, or to hold God responsible. I believe things just happen and sometimes things don’t happen. Sometimes bad things happen and that makes us sad. And when we’re sad, Jesus weeps with us.

I don’t believe “God has a plan,” as some Christians say. I believe that no matter how our lives unfold, the Lord is with us, as we move through life. The Creator is all around us, strengthening and comforting us with every step, if we allow ourselves to be strengthened that way.

So, Mommy and Daddy ask God to intercede for you, in different ways. And we pray that the Lord will walk close alongside you, and protect you. This is our prayer for you, every day.

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