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We will not pass this way again

As I was putting you to bed and giving you your bottle, I thought of this line:

“I will not pass this way again.” I looked it up and learned it’s from this:

”I expect to pass through this world but once. If, therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do any fellow human being let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I will not pass this way again.”— written by a Quaker in 1869.

Many commentaries about this text focus on the need to do kindness and to be a good person. This is true. But obviously, I remembered it because of the line, “I will not pass this way again.”

I cradled you in the glow of your nightlight as you drank your bottle. Your little hand held my finger and your other hand stroked my beard, almost absentmindedly.

I thought about how wonderful and fleeting moments like this are, and thought “I will not pass this way again.”

Time is precious, little girl. The days are long for you now, but as you stack them together to build a life, they will pass with dizzying speed.

Be kind, yes, but remember today will not happen again. There will only be one day in your life exactly like today.

Tomorrow may be similar, but it too will be remarkable.

The sun will shine in a special way tomorrow, the birds will sing new songs, a fresh wind will blow from a different direction under a sky a unique shade of blue. Everything may appear similar, but it will all be brand new and fleeting.

Enjoy and experience every day as the unique time that it is, because you will not pass this way again.

Dressed like a little old lady.

Dressed like a little old lady.

Irish Festival, Ugandan Children’s Choir, and hives

We had a wonderful day Sunday.

You and Mommy slept in, so we missed church.

After you woke up from your nap, Mommy wasn’t feeling good, so you and Daddy went to the Irish festival.



You had kettle corn for the first time, and you really liked it. You also ate a Welsh biscuit for the first time, and you nibbled it down as fast as I could break off the pieces.


Look closely, and you’ll see Welsh biscuit crumbs on your mouth.

After the festival, we went home to have a little dinner, and then we went to hear a Ugandan Children’s Choir.

You were a big hit with the children from Uganda.

I let you stand and walk and dance in the back of the room. Each time the kids would run out to change, you’d follow after them.


The boys were waiting to go back on, and you wanted them to dance right there.

When they ran out after one costume change you were standing in the hall with your tiny hands up in the air to balance yourself. As they ran by yelling, they slapped your little hand in a high five, one after another.

After the concert, several of the girls took turns holding you. They would pass you from girl to girl. You liked them all as much as they liked you.



Nearly everyone you encounter thinks you’re wonderful.

We had a great day Sunday.

Unfortunately, Monday, you woke up with hives. Mommy had to leave work to take you to the doctor.



We don’t think you’re allergic to kettle corn or Welsh biscuits — and those were the only new things you had to eat this weekend. We’re not sure why you’re breaking out.

Tuesday evening, your face looked better, but you still had small, red bumps on your arms and legs and bumps on your face.

Wednesday morning, everything had nearly cleared up, thanks to Benadryl®. But you still weren’t feeling very good, so daddy stayed home with you so you could rest. We’re writing down everything you eat, to try to figure out what you might be allergic to and what might be causing the hives.

No matter what, we had a great day Sunday.


On our way to daycare last week, you were in the back seat, making your talking sounds.

And I was thinking.

One of your cousins will graduate from high school in a few months.

She has a good friend that she’s known almost her entire life. They first met in daycare when they were less than three years-old. They’ve attended different high schools, but they are still close friends.

There is one other little girl at your daycare. She’s a few months older than you are.

Will you still be friends with her when you’re reading this?

You’ll learn as you get older that as you get older it becomes more difficult to make good, close friends.

People with lifelong friends that they see regularly are the unusual exception, not the rule.

Today, you’re a little baby, working hard at learning to walk.

The day will come when you’ll work just as hard at having friends. I suspect friendships will come easy for you. You’re already outgoing and engaging and likeable. But you’ll learn one day that the reasons some people like you may be the same reasons other people won’t like you.

We can’t change how people think about us. The only thing we can change is ourselves. But don’t change who you are for the sake of a friendship, friends won’t want you to do that. Be who you are, accept others for who they are, and you’ll be just fine.

“Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried,
Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel;
But do not dull thy palm with entertainment
Of each new-hatch’d, unfledg’d comrade.” — Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

A perfect pi day

We had a wonderful day today, March 14, 2015.

3/14/15 –  pi day.

We attended the circus this morning.

pi shirts at the circus

(Notice our shirts — pi shirts)

You had a wonderful time at the circus.


After the circus, you and Mommy napped.

But you didn’t nap very long. You were really fussy before your nap and woke up fussy.

When I came to get you, you were messy.

The messiest, dirtiest diaper I’ve ever seen.

Every part of you covered by a diaper was befouled.

You giggled as I pulled your legs up higher. When I removed the diaper, I saw your whole back was dirty.

Daddy has heard stories about these sorts of moments. I thought I had seen dirty, full diapers. The first weekend we brought you home, Daddy changed a full, dirty diaper by himself, all the while thinking, “this is what it means to be a father.”

But today was like four messy diapers, all in one diaper. But not in one diaper. In one diaper, until it was too full, and then oozed out. Everywhere. And you just giggled and twisted and tried to kick your legs free from where daddy was holding them up.

Daddy loves you so much.

Baby poop. All over.

So I just kept lifting your legs, and put a hand under your head, and carried you to the bathtub, while you giggled some more.

In the tub, I washed you down and cleaned you up. And then you played.

pi bath

you really are a wonderful baby.

A perfect 3.14 day.

I bid you goodnight

I sing to you on the nights I put you to bed, while you have your bottle.

I sing different songs on different nights. But usually, I end with my version of this old song.

Lay down my dear child,

Lay down and take your rest,

Won’t you lay your head, upon your daddy’s chest.

I love you well, but Jesus loves you the best.

And I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

Lay down my dear daughter,

Lay down and take your rest,

Won’t you lay your head, upon your daddy’s chest.

I love you well, but Jesus loves you the best.

And I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

I heard this song the very first time at this concert:

13 months

As you turn 13 months-old today, heres an update of your daily life.

You wake up in the morning and for around a half an hour you talk to your bunny, the carved wooden birds on your wall, your special pink blanket and yourself. Daddy gets you up and changes you, because weekdays Mommy is already at work.

Then, you and daddy have breakfast. You drink baby food from the feeder and eat fruit, cheese or waffle with your hands.

Your third tooth is slowly, slowwwwly,

sloooooooowly growing out of your gum.

Its been that way for several days, which appears to make it difficult for you to eat.

In fact, you were eating with the spoon pretty regularly when Mommy fed you, until your two bottom teeth came in a few months ago, and that was it for the spoon. Now, you shove your whole little fist into your mouth, past your two front bottom teeth, when you’re eating a slice of banana or pear, or as you did tonight for the first time, a slice of cooked carrot.

Within this past week, youve walked from a few steps to as many as 20, nearly across the room. As you walk, you laugh and laugh until you and sound like you might hyperventilate. You also laugh with pure joy when youre pushing your little baby stroller around and around.

Each day of your life is like joyfully watching a seedling sprout and grow, the changes are so pronounced.

Yesterday, after work, as I got out of the car, Mommy had just gotten you up from your nap. From outside, I waved to you in your room, and you and Mommy beamed huge smiles.

This was one of the happiest moments in my life, second only to the day I married Mommy.

Mommy and Daddy are happy you’re in our lives. We’re so pleased you turn 13 months today.

Intercessory prayer

This morning, Daddy was praying for you — praying for a difficult time you will face in the future, and may have faced by the time you read this — and I thought about something Mommy said last night.

During the dinner blessing, Mommy prayed that the Lord would help us with a decision for you. Both the dinner prayer and the breakfast prayer are called intercessory prayers.

We are asking God to intercede for you.

At dinner, Mommy said “you don’t believe God answers prayers like that.”

“Yes, I do,” I said. “I believe God answers prayers.”

Just as Mommy and Daddy can intercede on your behalf, I believe God can intercede on our behalf.

Daddy and Mommy at church, while everyone at church prayed for you.

Daddy and Mommy at church, praying while everyone at church prayed for you.

I believe as we are part of our world, so too is God part of the natural world that God created. The Creator who crafted the heavens and Earth also created the laws of nature. I think it’s only during exceptional circumstances that the Creator suspends those natural laws. When people awaken from comas, survive devastating natural disasters or survive plane crashes that claim everyone else on board, I believe it’s probably God who intervened and helped them to survive.

I believe the Lord can hear the prayers of Mommy and Daddy and that God helps us to help you. I’m sure that our lives are better because of God working in our lives.

Where my belief is different from some Christians is my response to seemingly unanswered prayers. I’m comfortable not knowing why intercessory  prayer appears to go unanswered.

When it appears that God doesn’t respond to our prayers, when things don’t go as we hope and pray, I’m not willing to blame God, or to hold God responsible. I believe things just happen and sometimes things don’t happen. Sometimes bad things happen and that makes us sad. And when we’re sad, Jesus weeps with us.

I don’t believe “God has a plan,” as some Christians say. I believe that no matter how our lives unfold, the Lord is with us, as we move through life. The Creator is all around us, strengthening and comforting us with every step, if we allow ourselves to be strengthened that way.

So, Mommy and Daddy ask God to intercede for you, in different ways. And we pray that the Lord will walk close alongside you, and protect you. This is our prayer for you, every day.