Monthly Archives: February 2015

Eating update

Sometimes it takes a while to get you to eat.


Enjoying home made ice cream.

You’ll gum food with your two teeth, spit it out, and the put more food into your mouth.

Sometimes it takes a long time for you to swallow. Other times, you don’t swallow at all.

The easiest way to get you to eat would be for us to put the food on the floor, or the dog’s dish, because that food you quickly pick up and put in your mouth. But because it’s food, it usually comes back out.

Lint or paper or anything you manage to find on the floor usually stays in your mouth a long time and I have to jab my finger in to try to get out. But you keep your mouth clamped shut.

Sometimes we notice you crawling around playing and chewing on whatever non-food thing you put in your mouth. A pacifier stays in your mouth about five seconds, but you can chew on a leaf for a long time.

We just need to cover the floor with spinach leaves and we’ll finally get you fed.

A year ago

We met you a year ago today.

five days old

Although we flew down when you were born, because of legal issues, we had to wait five days before we could meet you in person.

Mommy held you and I held you and we both looked at you and you looked at us.

jim first holding the baby

From the very beginning, you’ve always been our little girl.

So much has happened in the past year, so many firsts, so many important milestones. Every moment of every day has been wonderful. Even when we were all sick last month, horribly sick, we were still a family.

We’ve become a family, because one little girl so desperately needed to be born and mommy and daddy needed to be your mommy and daddy.

First Family photo


Birthday trip

After dinner we took you to a museum to see one of daddy’s favorite paintings, an original Jackson Pollock.