The inside of a highly absorbent diaper

You woke up soaking wet this morning. The diaper had soaked through to your onesie.

As I started to undress you and remove the diaper, a curious thing happened.

The front of the diaper was so soaked it split open.

It looked like a delicate confetti shower. Like festive, translucent, yellow-tinted celophane.

Confetti urine. Celophane urine.

Glittering in the early morning sunlight, it was actually quite beautiful, if I could look past the fact it was urine.

Tiny piles of urine snowflakes that dissolved when I tried to clean them up. The harder I tried, the faster they disappeared.

I’ve never seen such a thing.

You weren’t impressed. Perhaps you didn’t notice as you tried to squirm away, happy to be rid of the uncomfortable diaper.

I love getting you when you wake up in the morning. Your happy, smiling face greeting the day.

But this morning was . . . special.

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