Monthly Archives: February 2015

First steps

You started walking today.

Sort of.

Well, see for yourself.

This was the first video I got of you walking.  Just a step.


This is you walking from the table to the dog.


This time, you’re really committed to getting to daddy. So committed, that crawling seemed better than walking.


The next time, you walked from the table to me.


Look at how proud you are of yourself!


For breakfast this morning you had six ounces of oatmeal and fruit puree and four squares of waffle. You had a few bites of strawberry, and then you were done eating. Anything else was swept onto the floor for the dog to finish.

I tried to get you to eat a puff, or a bite of daddy’s peanut butter and honey toast, or a few other things, but you were done. You handed the puff back to me with your cute little smile.

So I took you out of your highchair and put you down.

You crawled across the kitchen with startling speed and picked up a tiny little thing from the floor. You had nearly put it in your mouth when I got to you.

A pebble.

A tiny rock.

You won’t eat a half dozen foods I put on your tray, but you hardly hesitated to try to eat a rock.

I wish I could think of some clever thing to add, but I’m still at a loss for words.

You’re still perfect

Daddy took you to the doctor today for your one year checkup. (Mommy had to work. It was her first day of work this week. She’s been home with you because of the snow.)

The doctor says you’re still perfect.

Your weight and height are right on track. You’ll probably grow up to be tall and skinny.


Your head size is also progressing. I don’t know why they measure your head. Maybe that’s how they determine how big your brain is?

The doctor says everything is great and that we’re doing the right things as parents.

You still only have two teeth. But some others may be working their way to the surface soon.

So, at one year and 14 days, you’re still perfect.

Snow day

Your first snow.

photo 3

in the snow

You loved riding around while mommy and daddy pulled you. You enjoyed the snow, which you kept sucking off your mitten.

You got your sled and mittens and little snow boots and snow pants for Christmas. It doesn’t snow a lot here, so today was a great day.


Feb.17.15 snow