Monthly Archives: December 2014

Catching up

Writing is like an apology – the longer you delay, the more difficult it is to do.

Daddy hasn’t written a blog in more than a month, because I’ve been home with you.

Mommy was home with you since you came to us, and then she went back to work the week before Halloween.

And we’ve been together all that time.

Here are a few things we’ve done since I last wrote, including a few things we did before I stayed home:

We went to the zoo.
We went to the zoo.


You helped daddy while he directed a video in our front yard.
You helped daddy work at home, while he directed a video.
You were dedicated at church.
You were dedicated at church.
You went trick-or-treating for your first Halloween. We couldn’t decide which costume to use, so we put you in both of them.
We went trick-or-treating for Halloween.

You went trick-or-treating for your first Halloween.

We went and played at the mall. (video at the links) photo
You helped daddy with house work.
photophoto(1) We went driving . . .
. . . and once I let you drive.
You began to feed yourself.
You wore mustaches.
Barber shop Quartet
photo 4
You had your first Thanksgiving.
You met Santa Clause (and you weren’t the least bit nervous).
Victoria and Santa
You weren’t nervous meeting this Santa, either.
We spent time together.
The best time of my life. Every day has been as wonderful as the day I married your mommy.