“And now it is today.”

“And now it is today.”

This is what mommy and daddy told each other when we were dating, living miles apart, looking forward to seeing each other at the end of the week.

This is what we told each other the morning we woke up, and carried you on the plane, and brought you home to us.

And now it is today, the day we have the final court hearing that will determine our future together.

This is the day we’ve looked forward to since before you were born.

We brought you home nearly seven months ago, and since then, either mommy or daddy has been with you the whole time. Mommy stayed home with you, and then daddy has been home with you. You’ll finally go to daycare in a few weeks.

mommy and victoria

Opening your Christmas present with mommy at Grandma and Grandpa’s house Saturday night.

We’ve taken all these months to be with you, so you’ll know that you’re ours. We’ve spent this time connecting with you so you would feel how loved you are and how important you are to us.

And now it is today. The day the judge will say you’re legally ours.

You’ve been ours emotionally, and then physically, and now, you’ll be ours legally. Our little girl.


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