Last night was a rough night

We went to lunch and walked around a pumpkin patch with grandma yesterday. You didn’t walk. We walked. You were carried.

Sun flowers & hats








We went on a hay ride.









You didn’t like the hay.









You didn’t have your regular naps yesterday. So you were really tired when you went to bed around your regular time last night.

After the baseball game on TV, daddy went to close your window at 12:30 a.m. and I woke you up. I held you for around 20 minutes, until you fell back asleep. But when I put you down, you woke up and cried again. So mommy tried to get you to sleep, while daddy snored.

You woke up again around 5:30 a.m. Daddy got you a fresh bottle, and changed you. But you didn’t want it, and you finally fell asleep around 6. And then the dog needed to go out. Daddy left the dog outside, so a little later, mommy had to get up and let the dog back in.

You slept again until around 9, and like you often do in the morning, you babbled to yourself and your bunny until I got you around 9:30.

And church this morning became an unfulfilled dream of yesterday.

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