“She’s giving you her belly”

Mommy and I swam with Manatees earlier this year. We loved it so much we did it again two days later.


The guide instructed us on how to interact with manatees, which are about the size of our sofa, and he told us how to be gentle with them. The manatees enjoyed being scratched. As they would roll over, the guide said, “she’s giving you her belly,” and we’d scratch the massive belly of a manatee.

Mommy and Daddy with manatees

Mommy and Daddy with manatees

So, when you stretch, I say, “she’s giving me her belly,” or something like it, and then I blow on your belly, tickling you.

I’ve done this so much, that last week you started laughing just when I’d say, “she’s giving me the belly,” and before I’d actually blow on your belly.

Last night, you were climbing on me, like you do every night, and you started pulling on my shirt, so you could get to my belly. And then you started blowing on MY belly.

It was the most hysterical thing you’ve ever done. And it was astonishingly smart.

Mommy and I laughed and laughed and you laughed too.

This was the best video we could get (listen carefully, and you can hear the sound you’re making:

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