Two months with us

Two months ago today, you woke up in one house, took two plane rides, and then went to sleep in our house.

Two months. Eight weeks.

Have you settled in?

Sometimes, we aren’t sure.

You are as easygoing as we could hope for. We can see in your eyes that you are curious and interested. You are actively engaged with what’s going on around you. When we go out to dinner, or to the store or anywhere, you nearly never fuss or cry or carry on.

Your first concert was Carlene Carter. Her family is legendary. Her mother was married to Johnny Cash and was the daughter of Maybelle Carter, of the Carter family. You listened attentively for the first three songs, and then fell asleep in my arms. After Carlene Carter, John Prine came on stage. While you enjoyed it, the audience was too loud for you, and you had to listen from the back of the theater.

We bought you noise suppression headphones when we took you to see Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert.

photo 1 photo 2








You enjoyed several songs, and then I took you to the back of the outdoor arena, changed your diaper, put you in your stroller, and you went to sleep while the music played on.

You seem settled. Sometimes.

In the past week, we’ve had a couple of rough nights. You sleep fitfully sometimes. You vocalize in your sleep and occasionally you roll over, flutter your eyes, and then go back to sleep. But last night, and a few nights ago, you woke up from your sleep and couldn’t be comforted. You wake up screaming. Not crying. Screaming.

What’s wrong, little girl?

We checked your diaper and tried to feed you and rocked you and did all we could, but you just screamed. Sometimes, we feel like young, inexperienced parents, who don’t know what we’re doing, or how to do it. I guess after two months, we’re now just like every other set of new parents – trying to figure out what we’re doing, while we’re doing it.

Have you settled in? We’re not sure. But we certainly have settled in as your mommy and daddy.

1 thought on “Two months with us

  1. Jeannie M

    Her teeth hurt. As the teeth move up her gums, it’s painful. That’s were the teething medicine should help her go back to sleep.


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