Life is as delicate as butterfly wings

You met Dr. Rodgers last week.

And several very nice nurses and other hospital staff when you took your first trip to the emergency room.

You rolled off the changing table and landed in an open drawer. The cut next to your eye won’t even leave a scar. By the time mommy held your arms, and daddy held your head so that Dr. Rodgers could probe the cut to determine its severity, it didn’t hurt enough for you to cry. You shrugged at the discomfort, and then laughed and smiled your toothless smile when it was over.

It was an accident that happened in less than a heartbeat, and it reminded us that life is as delicate as butterfly wings and as fleeting as the breeze from the beating of those wings.

Mommy’s faithful companion for many years has been a dog. She adopted him as a puppy, and he’s more than 12 years old, now.

When you see him, you laugh and smile and you want to touch him. From across the room, you’ll stare at him when he walks by. Mommy and I know that his time is limited, that he’s entering the twilight of his days. We get sad when we think of the day when he’ll be gone. We love him, and have done our very best to give him a good life, and have enjoyed having him with us.

Our hearts are so filled with love for you that it feels like they will burst, but we know that same love will one day turn to heartbreak when you face hurts we can’t heal and difficulties and challenges and pains that we can’t begin to imagine. Life is delicate and fragile and fleeting.

Our hearts ache with love for you, and we know our hearts will one day ache when we share the pain you’ll feel – a pain we won’t be able to kiss or rub away. But like today, we’ll hold you when you cry and we’ll be here for you. And no matter what, that won’t ever change.

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