Two weeks

Has it only been two weeks since we brought you home?








Each day we play with you and hear you laugh and see you smile. We get to feed you and change you and sing to you and read stories as we put you to bed. We get to bathe you, watch you sleep, listen to you wake up and then pick you up and say “good morning.”

You are home.

The past two weeks have been measured in formula scoops and 8 oz. bottles, and have rushed by faster than the time between clean diapers.

Days have been spent showing you to friends and family, taking you to church, and to our co-workers. I just sit and look at you, amazed that you are here.

Mommy spends nights nervously getting up to ensure you are still breathing. She checked on you last night.

The house is covered in little socks, toys, and semi-clean burp cloths, stacks of little clean clothes fresh from the dryer and a mound of tiny, dirty bibs on top of the washer.

You’ve been here two weeks, and we’re already seeing changes.

Eighteen weeks old, and you’ve started eating from a spoon.








You’re rolling and rolling and rolling to get to where you want to go, while your little face shows that you want to crawl and move.

And yesterday, we received the court order officially granting you placement with us, as we await the final adoption hearing.

You are home.

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