We’re bringing you home

Daddy and baby mommy and baby








The judge saw no reason for you to remain where you were, when the eventual adoptive parents were standing right there, wanting to take you home.

Your mommy held you through the court proceedings, while you slept, and I stood next to you both.

We looked like a family and the judge agreed.

He asked our lawyer and the state’s attorney to work out the details to remove you from state control. It should all be done by tomorrow, and your birth state will dismiss any claims to you. Then our lawyer will begin the process of adoption.

But on Friday, we’re bringing you home.

And mommy and I can’t stop crying.

3 thoughts on “We’re bringing you home

  1. Aileen Sabira

    Crying too! SO glad you both went to the hearing!!! YAY SHE’S COMING HOME WITH HER MOMMY AND DADDY!! (yes, I’m “yelling”!!) 😉 SO happy for you both!! ❤

  2. Courtney

    Congratulations Jim. I’m glad fate put your family in the hands of a wise judge. So happy for you and your entire family.


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