Know that you are loved

We received more photos of you this past week.

little cutie

little cutie

The family that has you loves you very much, and they are doing a wonderful job of taking care of you. They just can’t keep you. They’ve raised their own children already and have grandchildren older than you.

Your birth mother loved you — she loved you so much that she knew she would never be able to take care of you and that she had to give you up.

And your mommy and I love you. We love you so much, that we have rearranged our whole lives, to make special room for you.

2 thoughts on “Know that you are loved

  1. aileensabira

    Oh my Lord ~ how in the world can you do it? She is SOOOO precious….. praying she comes home to her Mommy and Daddy SOON! Blessings and *love* ~ Aileen Sabira, Heartist ™ ~ Healing, Energy Work (conscious work) and the Arts to Heal and Experience Your Deepest Heart ™ * Creative: Singer, Poet/Writer/Author/Blogger, Photographer, Mixed Media, Actress, Mover/Dancer * Conscious/Healing: Consciousness Practices, Energy/Sound Healing, Sufi Healing, Theta Healing, & More ~ Support for survivors of any challenge or awakening experience to authentically live into their fullness ™ 240-888-HEAL (4325) NEW! Organic Skin Care SO Pure, You Could EAT it! please read & follow my blog! Check out my 1st photo book, available for purchase on blurb!


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