Three months old

You turn three months-old today.

At your checkup last week, the doctor said you’re nearly perfect. You’re healthy and growing exactly as you should be. In fact, you’re so curious about the world around you, that you’re already starting to hold your head up and to move like a baby twice your age.

We’re still waiting for social services from your home state to contact our state.

It just so happens, you had the misfortune of being born in a state with one of the worst managed social services programs in the entire country.

When the paperwork finally comes to our state, and our locality, mommy and I will have all of our paperwork already done. We expect everything to be completed on our end in about another month. And then the paperwork returns to your home state, where it could drag on again for no one knows how long. And then, we may or may not have to go to court. There are a lot of ‘may or may nots,’ going on in your home state, no one seems to have any sorts of answers about anything, and the social workers are all surprisingly comfortable with not having answers.

And so we continue to wait.

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