A child of God

“Who does she look like?” is a common conversation around babies as the baby gurgles and coos and squirms.

People usually study the faces of babies searching for traces of genetic clues.

“Who does she look like?”

Characteristics of eyes and noses and ears and hair pass down from generation to generation. In many ways each of us is the result of everyone who came before us. We look like all of them, and we look like ourselves.

“Who does she look like,” people may naturally ask.

Who do you look like? You look like the love of your mommy and daddy, who have waited for you for so long. You look like the culmination of two lifetimes of hopes and dreams that have come together to create a home and family for you.

You look like love and joy and happiness.

You are the image of God. You are a child of God and you look exactly like the God who created you.

Rest well, little girl, your family is waiting for you.

A child of God

A child of God

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