“I’m dressing your baby.”

Yesterday, mommy called the family taking care of you, and the first thing the kind woman said was,

“I’m dressing your baby.”

Mommy was relieved and pleased to hear that. We both were.

We’re really worried that the family taking care of you will love you so much that they won’t be able to let go of you, and let us take you.

Mommy was calling to check on the family, and to tell them how worried we are, but she didn’t need to say anything once she heard that –

“I’m dressing your baby.”

You’re our baby. You’re not with us right now, but you’re our baby.

1 thought on ““I’m dressing your baby.”

  1. Courtney

    Enjoying your story. This one in particular, is lovely. Every adoption I have ever heard of has gone much like what you have been describing, bureaucracy madness and lots of roller coaster emotions. I look forward to hearing that your baby has arrived in your home.


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