What a mess – Cont’d.

I e-mailed your social worker on Tuesday and then on Wednesday she replied, asking for the birth dates and Social Security numbers of mommy and me.

This is for background checks (mommy and I have both had them in the past). And it’s information that your social worker should have requested months ago.

The social worker ignored my question concerning a time-line and me asking her when we can expect things to happen.

And then, on Thursday, she wrote another e-mail. Here it is:

Hi Mr. ——–,
I just sent a text to (the man who’s taking care of you), would you happen to have ——-’s Social Security number? I need it for a few of the ICPC forms from the packet. Thank you so much.

Your social worker, the social worker charged with keeping you safe doesn’t have your Social Security number.

We assumed it would be on a form somewhere in the social worker’s file.

It turns out, because the state took control of you the hour you were born, no one ever applied for one – you don’t have a Social Security number. Your social worker for the past nine weeks didn’t know that you don’t have a Social Security number, and was asking me for it. I’m 800 miles away.

We’re exceptionally fortunate, through the grace of God, that the family taking care of you cares enough to follow the rules and take care of you.

I wonder about all the other baby girls and boys who don’t have a good family to take care of them. Who don’t have people looking out for them, and whose social workers don’t even know who they are.

What a mess.

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