A strange feeling

It was wonderful visiting with you last week.

But it was also strange . . .

When grown-ups visit other grown-ups who have babies, the babies are sometimes passed around.

People take turns holding the baby and smelling the baby and playing with the baby, because babies are so much fun to hold and smell and play with.

But while I was holding you and playing with you, I would suddenly get a strange feeling of ‘this is going to be my baby. This isn’t just any baby, this one will be mine.

‘One day soon, this baby will come home with me, and she will be my baby. I’ll play with her and hold her, today, but one day I won’t give her back. I won’t just drive away. They will hand me the baby, they will hand me you, and I will take you home with me.

And then our lives together as a family will really start.

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