“I hope we don’t lose her,” mommy said tonight.


What a mess.

The paperwork looked like it was really moving along last week, when we were with you.

This week, it appears very much like a social worker in your home state is basically lying about doing her job, and getting the paperwork ready.

Talking with a social worker today in our state, she said it could take three, or more likely six more weeks, and that’s after the paperwork finally arrives.

I wrote a strongly worded e-mail to your social worker today, and copied most of the other state officials involved with your case, trying to find out what’s going on. The paperwork was filed in court March 14 – nearly four weeks ago, and nothing has happened. Nothing.

We’re really worried that if it takes another month or two months for you to be with us, that the family taking care of you will decide that want to keep you. Of course they want to keep you, because you’re a loveable little girl with a wonderful disposition who seldom cries or fusses or complains. We’re worried they will find they can’t live without you. And then we’ll lose you.

What a mess.

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