I just sit and stare and watch you sleep.

Dreaming of eating again.

Dreaming of eating again.

I think, “This little baby will be mine. My daughter. I’ll take you home, and you’ll be ours forever.” I still have difficulty imagining it . . . I’ve been so many years without a child, or even the possibility on the horizon, and now, here you are, right here with me.

Our visit ends tomorrow. We got in last night – we fed you and we (mommy) changed your diaper, and when we went out to dinner, I just watched you sleep next to us. Then later, we (mommy) gave you a bath and got you ready for bed.

We spent all day today feeding you and burping you, because you eat all day, and (mommy) changing your diapers. We walked you around the yard, and we mostly just sat and looked at you. We look at you while you eat, and while you just do nothing.

We watch you sleep, because you’re adorable.

Hopefully, when we come back on our next trip, we’ll be taking you home.


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