Monthly Archives: February 2014

Feb. 11 – we got to see you today.

We got to see you and hold you today. We met with lawyers and your birth family . . . but we still couldn’t take you home with us.

You remain under the care of the state, until your birth family gets all the legal details taken care of. We held you and told you that you are deeply loved. We love you so much we want to take care of you forever.

You really are a perfect baby. Some babies are born looking like old men. Some babies go through rough deliveries, but yours was perfect.

It’s a lot of weight to put on a little girl, but you really do look like a perfect baby.

Your mom held you first, and then, because we were standing outside, on a city street, or because she knows I haven’t held a baby very often in the past 15 years, she was really careful handing you to me.

five days old

I held you, until it was time to go, and then I put you in the car carrier.

I held you, and then put you into your car seat for the first time.

I held you, and then put you into your car seat for the first time.

Everyone gathered around and watched as I carefully put you in your seat, and strapped you in. And then I took this photo of you.

Feb. 8 – state takes control

We were told the state has taken control of your little body. Your mom can’t take care of you, and that’s why we’re here to get you.

We got off the plane and were told that there’s nothing we can do . . . we’re as helpless as you are.

Unfortunately, other people didn’t make the plans they needed to for us to take you . . . so we’re waiting to see you. We saw a picture of you, today, and we’re so grateful that you are healthy and safe and a perfect baby.

count down

They told us you would be born between Feb. 8 and Feb. 18.

Not the whole time, one or two of those days in between.

Your mommy has packed a back full of stuff for you — diapers and bottles, and cloths and bibs and clothes and a changing cloth and we have a portable sleeper for you to sleep in.

We’re thinking about bringing you home on the train . . . it takes 23 hours, but we’d have time to hold you and both be with you, instead of me driving.

But the airplane is really inexpensive, and we would be home in just a few hours.

So, we’ll fly to get you, and spend some time with my dad and his wife, and then we’ll fly home!