What do we dream of?

When you were just a few days old, while we were still in your home state, my Uncle Howard (who’s married to aunt Nancy, Dad’s sister) asked what was my number one dream for you. (Uncle Howard is 80, I’ve always liked him very much, but didn’t see him a lot growing up because he lived in Connecticut.)

What’s my number one dream for you? What’s my hope and dream for you? I didn’t have a very good answer for Uncle Howard. In fact, I didn’t sleep much that night, because I kept thinking about it. I laid awake two nights in a row, thinking about it . . . what’s my dream for you?

Good health, of course. Success. Happiness. Joy. A better life because you’re with us, than you might have had otherwise. I hope to help you be the best you can be . . . the best person, the best soul. I hope to expose you to the best of the world, to help you see the wonder and the beauty of God’s creation.

To enjoy life.

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